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The next week, HR approached me and reminded me of the anti-harassment policy.

I am holding my ground on offering to cover it up but not removing it. I am waiting on what will be decided but what do you think I can expect? I can’t attend a required training because a medical condition prevents me from traveling As part of my 2012-2013 goals I am to receive technical training.

The company that offers the training is under no obligation to offer the training in specific locations.

My manager is really pushing this training because it needs to be scheduled, approved, paid for, etc. My problem is that this software company only has training for my certification track at their location.

There appears to be a lot of turnover within the company, they’ve gone through a handful of CEOs over the past few years, and there have supposedly been issues where the company hasn’t necessarily met the goals it sets out to do.

The position itself is a great fit for me overall, but I’m really wary of this company’s future.

He came back next day and asked again if I would remove it.

I said I would cover it up when coming on the property.

After 6 years with my company I was finally granted the promotion I had been wanting. For the last three years or so I have been doing the work of both the “Junior X” and the “X”.

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